The Automated Phonetic Transcription (APT) Grading Tool (APTgt) is an online Learning Management System (LMS) that facilitates the comparison of phonetic transcriptions for instruction and clinical training purposes. It uses an embedded IPA graphical keyboard for transcription input. A custom edit distance algorithm aligns transcriptions in an intuitive way and then calculates differences quantitatively. This allows for objective scoring of transcriptions of even severely impaired productions, which may be difficult to score via traditional comparison methods. APTgt also includes support for comparing narrow phonetic transcriptions with diacritics.

Contact the Technologies for Speech Language Pathology Research Lab at techslp@auburn.edu for registration information.

Automated Phonetic Transcription Grading Tool (APTgt) was developed at Auburn University with funding from Biggio Center Breeden Endowment Award, College of Liberal Arts Steven Research Fund. The Department of Undergraduate Research. The students in the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering were funded through the NSF Division of Computer and Network Systems (CNS). Usage of this tool is for academic, non-commercial use only.

If used in research, please cite the following: Speights Atkins, M., Bailey, D. J., Seals, C. D., Li, G; Bassy, R., Cao, Y., Li, S., Bennett, A., Ren, C., Luan, Y., Ren, C., Mishra, I. & Liu, J., (2020). Automated Phonetic transcription grading tool [Computer software]. AUrora: Auburn University Scholarly Repository.